Are you interested in joining a Cambridge class at Lexis

Are you thinking about joining a Cambridge class in June? If so read what Tamaki had to say about her experience in a Cambridge class, her time at Lexis and her experience in Australia.

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Tamaki and her FCE teacher Andy

From FCE course, you can get plenty of specific knowledge of English. This course encouraged me to study English more! Then I got a variety of English expression and confidence of my English for each section. I used to watch Disney channel every day in English and became fond of Western pop music. I’d longed for a life in English spoken country then decided to live in Perth. Everybody is family in Lexis! You can have multinational friends! We have a lot of activities every day. You will have fabulous experiences if you are in Lexis! From this April, I work as a receptionist in a metropolitan hotel. I want to introduce Japan to foreign guests who stay at my hotel because I know how awesome Japan is. So I would love to tell them on my own words. Thanks to Lexis school I became confident of my English. I think that be confident of doing something is the most important part in every field. If you want to study English and feel how Australia is, just join Lexis!

Tamaki Fujihara – from Japan

If you would like some more information about Cambridge courses at Lexis, please come to reception so we can answer all your questions and sign you up for a pre-test.

The next Cambridge class runs from 13 June 2016 to 19 August 2016.

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