CPE Writing Task

A recent CPE writing task involved students writing a letter to the editor of a magazine on the role of food in their region or country. Malin penned the following, which shows she has a ‘wicked’ sense of humour coupled with a gentle sense of irony.

“Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing in response to your request for readers opinions on the role of food in their region or country.

Having had the privilege of living in both the north and south of Sweden, I can confidently say that the two parts differs quite a bit as far as the role of food in daily life is concerned. If the northern part were to set the norm, there would be no such words as ‘stress’ in the dictionary, whereas in the southern part, people simply eat to assuage their hunger. People always seems to be on the go — not having time to sit down while having breakfast, grabbing something quick at lunch — often just in between errands. Even in the evenings, with activities etc. going on on a daily basis, it is quite difficult to find the time to sit down and enjoy a family dinner.

When it comes to customs though, everything changes. Taco Friday is probably the most holy thing in a Swede’s life and maybe the only reason that families stick together. Together with Taco Friday, there is also the Midsummer celebration, Christmas and Easter which are mandatory, and the food served on these occasions is non-negotiable. Why change a winning concept?

The same goes for celebrations. It might not be the same food being served as it is on the above mentioned occasions, but the concept is the same — the same food, no exceptions. At celebrations such as birthday parties, Swedes always eat a dish called Smörgårdstårta, which is basically a cake made of toastbread and a bunch of other ingredients.

Unless you are a person who could not care less about food, Sweden is not the place to go.

I hope you have found my thoughts and experience of interest.

Yours faithfully,


Are you interested in joining a Cambridge class at Lexis

Are you thinking about joining a Cambridge class in June? If so read what Tamaki had to say about her experience in a Cambridge class, her time at Lexis and her experience in Australia.

12814476_10154000822574579_8624684583766418604_n - cropped
Tamaki and her FCE teacher Andy

From FCE course, you can get plenty of specific knowledge of English. This course encouraged me to study English more! Then I got a variety of English expression and confidence of my English for each section. I used to watch Disney channel every day in English and became fond of Western pop music. I’d longed for a life in English spoken country then decided to live in Perth. Everybody is family in Lexis! You can have multinational friends! We have a lot of activities every day. You will have fabulous experiences if you are in Lexis! From this April, I work as a receptionist in a metropolitan hotel. I want to introduce Japan to foreign guests who stay at my hotel because I know how awesome Japan is. So I would love to tell them on my own words. Thanks to Lexis school I became confident of my English. I think that be confident of doing something is the most important part in every field. If you want to study English and feel how Australia is, just join Lexis!

Tamaki Fujihara – from Japan

If you would like some more information about Cambridge courses at Lexis, please come to reception so we can answer all your questions and sign you up for a pre-test.

The next Cambridge class runs from 13 June 2016 to 19 August 2016.

CAE Graduates! :)

CAE - 100615Well done to our CAE students!  After weeks of studying hard they have finished their exams, so it’s time for a well-earned celebration!

It was great having you here, and we wish you all the best for the future 🙂



Welcome to Perth to this weeks new students! Florian, Stefanie, Joffrey, Alexandra from Switzerland, Gustavo and Gabriela from Brazil, Jiri from Czech Republic, Maho from Japan, Marina from Italy and Ruzana from Russia. Enjoy your time here at Lexis Perth!

Hello New Students!


Welcome to our newest students! We have… Kevin from Switzerland, Claudio and Luciane from Brazil, Tomas from Czech Republic, Patrick from Slovakia, Samuel from France, Eunji from South Korea and Nico from Germany! Enjoy your time here at Lexis Perth and remember to see us at reception if you have any questions!

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