June Activity Calendar 2019

Take a look at the activity calendar for June.

As you may know, Monday the 3rd is a public holiday (Western Australia Day) so there is no class.

On the 21st, we have a Brazilian June festival coming up so be prepared to have lots of fun!

6. Junefesta junina

March Activity Calendar

March is supposed to be Autumn, but we still have summer activities coming up!
Remember, Monday the 4th is a public holiday so there is no school. Come and join Aussie Beer Tasting on Friday the 1st so you can get ready for the long weekend!

3. March

December Activity Calendar

Take a look at the activity calendar for December.

The surfing lesson now starts at 7:15am so make sure you go to bed early the night before so you can get to Brighton Beach on time!

We are closed from the 24th to the 28th of December but remember you have class on Monday the 31st. Don’t forget to come to school 🙂



Lovely day out on the ocean this morning. Look at these amazing photos. Students really enjoyed their surfing lesson. Don’t forget, we will have a surfing lesson again next week.

October Activity Calendar

Check out all the activities for October!
Our yoga instructor Julie has come back from her holiday and now it’s at 7:30 on Wednesday morning.

Surfing is coming up on Thursday the 11th and 25th and it’s $25 per person. Please make sure to come to reception to pay in advance.

We also have Happy Halloween on Wednesday 31st! Dress up with your scariest costume to win a prize!


May Activities Calendar

Activities are a great way for you to meet the other students in the school, continue to practise your English outside of the classroom and of course have an awesome time! ❤❤❤
Please check our May Activities Calendar , come to join us and don’t forget to sign at reception. 😉😉😉

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