May Activities Calendar

Activities are a great way for you to meet the other students in the school, continue to practise your English outside of the classroom and of course have an awesome time! ❤❤❤
Please check our May Activities Calendar , come to join us and don’t forget to sign at reception. 😉😉😉

Swimming at Scarborough


Today the students at Lexis English Perth went to try out the new Scarborough beach pool! The pool is right next to the ocean with a beautiful view, and today’s weather was sunny and pleasant as well. The students had a good time swimming, and we’re looking forward to going back again!


Tennis Thursdays


Today Lexis English Perth students went to our local tennis courts to play some tennis! We had a big group, including several people who had never tried playing tennis before. Everyone had a good time hitting the ball around, with some students taking it more seriously than others!

01.03.18play1 01.03.18play2 01.03.18play4.jpg



Today our students learned how to play AFL! The weather was wonderful, and everybody gave it a good try and had lots of fun. Thank you to James Grabski from the Eagles for coming and teaching us all how to play!

28.02.18play  28.02.18talk


The Lexis Perth students spent the afternoon playing a game of soccer down at our local park.


What better way to spend the afternoon than with friends, outdoors in the beautiful sunshine and playing a sport that everyone enjoys no matter where you are from!


We hope you had a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to seeing you on the next activity!

Scarborough Sunset Market


While you’re studying at Lexis Perth, don’t forget to go check out the Scarborough Sunset Markets! They’re every Thursday evening from 5pm until 10pm until March 15th, at the Scarborough Beach Ampitheatre. There’s food vans serving cuisine from all over the world, and some stalls selling local crafts too!


Make sure to check it out before it finishes next month.

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