Interview with Bruce

7月24 日, 我采访了我们青年组学生Bruce., 一个刚满14岁的中国男孩子。

Meet Bruce who is 14 years old from China. He is studying at Lexis with the TAP program.


  1. 你从哪里来?
  2. Where do you come from?


I come from Guangzhou ,  a big city in China.

  1. 为什么你会决定来到Lexis 柏斯学习英文?
  2. Why did you decide to come to Lexis Perth?

因为以后想要出国读书,所以首先必须要找语言学校,国外好的语言学校不好找, 刚好妈妈在机场工作的同事的孩子以前在柏斯读过两个月的语言,觉得不错,所以就介绍给我们。

I would like to study overseas when I grow up, first of all I need to study English, and it is not easy to find a good Language school.  My mother’s colleague, who works with her at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport , recommended Perth. Her child had studied in Perth for two months and she really enjoyed it, that’s why they introduced Perth to us.

  1. 你喜欢青年组的学习活动安排吗?
  2. Are you enjoying the TAP program?

我比较喜欢和成年人在一起学习,这样可以学到更多东西, 总体上说青年组的活动安排还不错,可惜就是人太少,最重要的是中国学生太少了,就我一个人, 一些欧洲过来的学生他们喜欢在一起讲法语, 而没有人跟我讲中文。

Yes, I enjoy it, I like to study with adult students, because I can learn a lots of things from them. Generally the TAP program is really good, only thing is there are not too many TAP student but the most important thing is that I am the only student that comes from China. The other students come from Europe and they can speak French, but no one speaks Chinese with me.

  1. 你最喜欢青年组的什么活动?
  2. What has been your favorite activity?

我最喜欢的活动是国王公园的烧烤会,因为和不同国家的学生一起烧烤玩游戏很有趣 , 还有在柏斯的购物,学校咖啡店的会话活动,保龄球,篮球还有就是逛弗雷曼特的市场, 吃当地著名的鱼和薯片。

My favorite activity is the Kings Park BBQ because we learnt to cook a BBQ and we played games with all different nationality students. I also enjoyed Perth city shopping, conversation club at Lexis Café, bowling, basketball, Fish and Chips and Fremantle Markets.

  1. 你喜欢你的寄宿家庭吗? 什么是你最喜欢的事?
  2. Are you enjoying your homestay? What is the best thing?

我喜欢我的寄宿家庭,就是有一点他们总是让我参与到他们的家务事情里面,比如说每天晚上煮饭时我也要去帮忙 , 经常让我去动手,也许他们想让我更融入这个家庭吧。


I like my homestay, but I don’t like when they ask me to help them to do some house work, for example, they always ask me to cook dinner together with them, maybe they wish me to join their family better.

The best thing is they always take me with them when they go out; we went to play golf in Fremantle. I really enjoy it.

  1. 你对别的将要来Lexis 柏斯的青年学生有什么好的建议?
  2. What advice would you give to other teenagers coming to Lexis Perth ?

建议将要来这里学习的青年之前需要了解更多各国的风土人情,人文知识,因为这里真是一个国际学生聚集的地方,这样才更容易融入到学校。 我本人去过很多国家,所以基本上没问题。

I would suggest that students who will come to Lexis Perth, learn information about different countries before they come and their culture as well, because Lexis is really an international school, full of international teachers and students, so if they know more before they come they can enjoy their study more. I have been travelled to many countries, hence I am fine to enjoy here.

  1. 还有别的什么建议?
  2. Any other comments?


I really hope more Chinese students come to Perth, come to Lexis Perth campus.

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