Our CPE Students were asked to respond to the following exam question in class :)

  • A magazine is running a series entitled Musical Memories. Readers are invited to send in articles explaining why a piece of music reminds them of a particular occasion, and saying why the occasion is import to them.

Write your article

Here some of their answers



Scientists believe that they will hopefully find a way to travel through time and space. While time is running out, their mathematical and theorical methods blind them to the see what is right under their noses. There are already machines which can make that trip, and they are simpler than you probably imagine. Our senses are as powerful as they are underestimated. A song, a smell, a photograph or the texture on your skin on a rainy day have the magical spell of taking you back to your very first memories. 

 Particularly for me, songs are the best machines by which I travel through time and space. They can take me anywhere I want to go. They can also make me enthusiastic about the future, but are even better at letting me taste the flavours of the past.

 Looking back is usually delicious. Our imagination works with our memories and those two together are capable of editing the errors, the tears, and disillusions and building golden castles of happiness, freedom, and innocence protected from evil and, most important, the present reality, which is not so sweet sometimes. Therefore, old songs let us daydream and reopen and revisit a lot of doors inside ourselves.

 There are, besides, 7 or 8 songs that enable me to reach the best feelings I have ever felt: Christmas songs with Sinatra’s performance! Every year since I can remember, my father has waited anxiously until November to take out Sinatra’s album remove the dust that always covers it and play it time and time again until New Year’s Eve. Over the years, He has bought other albums (all of them with the same jingles), but no one compares to that soft voice of Frank Sinatra.

 My family and I have almost a month of preparation to “D day”: the decoration of our house ending up with the Christmas tree. That tree might be older that I am, but that is exactly what makes these moments so special. Is doesn’t matter how much time passes by, the tree will be there, immutable, just as Sinatra’s songs and my bittersweet memories.

  The warm breezes of October starts to make me conscious of November and its capacity to remind me of what is really important in my life. The clock is ticking, but my family and I stop whatever we are doing to live again our favourite period of the year, of our lives. Reviving memories connects us once more, and suddenly, all the rest seems small. It is like a holiday after difficult days of labour. They recharge us, make us see what is invisible to the eye, the essential. They improve our actions and fill them with better purposes: to care more, to listen more, to understand more.

  More than landing me in my childhood or making me remember what it is to believe in Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Grinch, this machine and its notes let me know what I will live again.

  Songs are these powerful machines that prove that what moves us lives unconsciously and will stand still despite the rules of time and space. They prove that there is more than our eyes can see and that notes can speak better than our words. Just get lost. Travel. Listen.

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