OET success…Lexis English student Esther passes her OET exam!

Lexis would like to say a MASSIVE congratulations to Esther on passing her OET exam!

Here is Esther’s story….

Esther from Barcelona, Spain arrived in Australia in October 2015. She started her Lexis journey at Lexis Sunshine Coast, joining an Upper Intermediate General English class and then continuing with a Cambridge Advanced Class, first at Maroochydore and later at our Lexis Noosa school.

Esther 1.jpg

Our Cambridge exam manager Nina made Esther aware of a new exam for medical professions, OET, that Lexis has been running since April 2016. Passing the OET exam enables candidates from all different medical fields to be registered in their profession here in Australia. Learning about this, Esther, a paediatric nurse in her home country Spain, was hooked and embarked on a remarkable journey. She registered to take the OET exam in May and immediately started preparing with the help and support of Lexis Senior Teacher Annette. Together they worked through vocabulary, strategies and sample tests in the four test areas listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Esther 2.jpg

Esther diligently prepared all the tasks given to her. She developed and improved strategies to tackle the often difficult reading and listening parts. She worked on her writing by doing countless sample letters and practised, recorded and analysed roleplays required for the speaking exam. Joining our Intensive Exam Preparation Course over two Saturdays helped further improve her skills and confidence.


After four weeks of intensive study and countless hours of meticulous work every day – on top of her day job in hospitality! – Esther sat the OET exam on 14 May at our Lexis Sunshine Coast campus. It was challenging! All parts have to be done in one sitting!

On Monday Esther got her results – she passed with Bs in all skills!  Motivation and dedication paid off.  Esther’s dream, to be working in her profession as a nurse in Australia, can now become a reality.


We are so happy for her and with her!

You are truly amazing and an inspiration, Esther. Congratulations.

Annette, Lexis English, Senior Teacher.

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