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Today we welcome Dexson and Lauro from Brazil, Rosely, Miki and Natsuki from Japan, Jiho from South Korea, Jonathan from Colombia and Charles from France. Enjoy your time here in Perth! 🙂

Thanks and Good Luck, Takara! :)

Takara Mizumaki, from Japan, is just 16 years old and has been at Lexis for 3 months.

Takara came to Lexis with a programme offered at his High School in Japan. Kindai High School allowed Takara to come to Perth for three months but when he goes back to Japan he will have to study extra hard to catch up on all the school work he has missed. Takara said “it is definitely worth it and if I could I would only go home to eat lots of Japanese food and then come back to Perth to continue studying”.


Why did you come to Perth?

My friends in Japan told me that Perth was a very nice and good place to visit. My parents also have friends that live in Perth.

Have you been to any other countries before?

No, this is the first time I have left Japan.

Wow, what was the scariest thing about leaving Japan and coming to Perth alone?

I thought my English wasn’t very good. So I was nervous about coming to a country where I had no choice but to speak English.

Do you think your English has improved?

Yes, maybe my English is better.

Takara started at Lexis in a pre-intermediate class and is now in our intermediate class so his English has definitely improved.


Takara studying hard with a class mate and Takara with his teacher and graduating students

What is the best thing about Lexis?

The friends I have made. My friends come from countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

What are the worst things about Perth or Lexis?


Takara has stayed in a homestay for the 3 months in Perth. His family consisted of a mother, father and 3 children.

There was also another student staying with me from Switzerland which was fun. We sometimes cooked together. Takara said he will definitely keep in touch with his family.

What is the biggest difference between Japan and Perth?

The food.  Japanese food is definitely better but I have really enjoyed the Australian beef.  BBQ beef is a favourite of mine. One negative is the food is more expensive than in Japan.

What have you learnt in Perth?

At first it was very difficult catching public transport as the train and bus system is very different to Japan and also not speaking English well it was very difficult to understand. Now I understand the system and understand things a lot better.

I was a very shy person when I arrived in Perth, but now I am much more confident.

Would you recommend Perth and Lexis to other Kindai students?

Definitely.  It is worth missing school for even if I will have a lot of work to do when I go back to Japan.

I really hope to come back next year with the same programme and do another 3 months of study at Lexis, Perth. I would also like to come back to Perth in 2 years when I finish high school to continue my English studies.

The only thing I miss from japan is the food!

All of us at Lexis wish you the best of luck with your future dreams Takara and we hope to see you back next year.



Turn out the lights and look at the stars!

Join thousands of amateur and professional skywatchers at Curtin University on Saturday 28 March for Astrofest 2015, Australia’s largest annual astronomy festival!


Astrofest offers an extensive program of indoor and outdoor activities to suit all ages, with the highlight being the chance to view the sky. Optical and radio telescopes, including some of the largest in the state, will be available for public viewing. Visitors are also welcome to bring their own telescope and get expert advice on its use. Astrofest will also feature a model of the Square Kilometre Array, the world’s largest radio telescope, a joint project being constructed in Western Australia and South Africa.

There will also be a sausage sizzle and other food vendors plus a picnic area!

AF 01

Why? Astronomy is awesome

When: Saturday 28 March, 5:30 – 9:30

Website: astronomywa.net.au/…/Genera…/astrofest-prizes-for-grabs.html

Where: Curtin Stadium and Edinburgh Oval, Kent Street, Bentley

Cost: Free entry but please pre-register

New Students!

Please welcome Izemara from Brazil, Tomimaru, Rie, and Ayaka from Japan, and Moreno from Italy!

We wish you all a wonderful time while at Lexis and in sunny Perth!  There’s so much to do here, so remember to check out our calendar to choose from a whole host of activities! 🙂

Starters - 230315

Welcome! :)

A huge welcome to Roberta, Thiago, and Neyde from Brazil, Mario and Diego from Colombia, Hyeonjeong and Junhye from South Korea, Matthias, Livia, and Melanie from Switzerland, and Kana from Japan!

We wish you a great stay while at Lexis, and a beautiful and exciting time in Perth! 🙂

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