We Wish You All The Best, Norie! :)

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It was wonderful having you here, Norie!  Not only were you a great Cambridge student, but you were also an amazing addition to the Lexis staff when you spent weeks behind the scenes learning the ropes of admin.

We miss you heaps!! 🙂

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Norie comes from Shizuoka in the middle of Japan and has been living and studying in Perth for 5 months. Norie also spent 5 months studying at Lexis in Brisbane and she is about to leave Perth to return to Japan.

When did you start studying at Lexis?

I started studying at Lexis at the end of March, in Brisbane and then decided to move to Perth for the remaining 5 months. I decided to move because I wanted to see the west coast and my friends convinced me that I shouldn’t only stay in one place if I was here for such a long time.

What did you study at Lexis Brisbane?

I took the general English course and I started at intermediate then moved to upper intermediate before moving to Perth. In Japan I am a university student majoring in International studies so I had studied English before moving to Australia.

What did you study at Lexis Perth?

When I arrived in Perth I had finished upper intermediate and studied IELTS for one week. I then moved into the FCE class. I preferred studying Cambridge because in General English there is a test every week so I only had to remember that week’s work but in FCE it was much more challenging because I had to remember and learn a lot more for the tests.

What was the best thing about Lexis?

The best thing about Lexis was the Cambridge course because it’s very useful and after 12 weeks my class mates where all good friends.

What has been the best thing about your trip to Australia?

I like Melbourne because there are a lot of cafes, shops and restaurants. I went there before coming to Perth. If Lexis had a school in Melbourne I would have liked to study there but I think if I studied in Melbourne I would have gone out and not studied hard so maybe it’s a good thing there isn’t a Lexis there!!

Do you still keep in contact with anybody you met at Lexis?

Yes, I keep in contact with a couple of Japanese students who I hope to meet again in Japan. I also keep in contact with an Italian friend I met in Brisbane who also studied FCE so gave me lots of advice during the course.

You have been doing an intern at Lexis for 5 weeks, what have you enjoyed most about it?

My agent arranged for me to do an intern at Lexis Perth after I finished my course. I wanted to do an intern because after I go back to Japan I need to get a job and I want to be able to talk about the internship during job interviews. The most difficult thing about working at Lexis is taking phone calls and speaking in English over the phone. The students also ask a lot of difficult questions. I have really enjoyed working with everyone at Lexis, they have always been kind and helpful to me.

What advice would you give to students coming to study in Perth?

You should stay at a homestay and communicate with other nationalities because in language school we don’t have time to communicate with Aussies so it’s good for improving your English. I can understand their culture better because I lived in a homestay. However it is also important if you feel depressed to talk to students from your country to help make you feel better. It is important to speak in English but sometimes it is necessary to be able to speak in Japanese. My homestay family in Perth still contact me and invite me round for dinner. It’s a nice feeling to know I have an Australian family.

What are your plans when you leave Perth?

I am going to travel to Brisbane and Cairns before going back to Japan. When I get back to Japan I have one year left at university and then when I finish I need to look for a job. I hope my intern at Lexis will help my job hunting. I hope my English has improved a lot in Australia and I think this will also help me find a job.

Thanks Norie for taking your time to complete this interview.

We wish you all the best in your next adventure!

Welcome to Lexis Perth!

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We would like to introduce Linda from Colombia, Sarah from Germany, Jeferson from Brazil, Maria from Portugal, Benjamin from France, Nicole from Switzerland, and Giovanni from Italy.  Today was their first day at Lexis Perth, and we wish them all an awesome stay and a great time in Perth! 🙂