Thursday Afternoon at Lexis! :)

conversation club and seminar


This afternoon our Kindai students enjoyed the conversation club, discussing interesting topics and eating tasty food! Our phrasal verbs seminar was also popular today with a lot of students interested in the topic! What a good way to end a day of study! 🙂

Catching up with Sandra!


I’m Sandra and I’m from the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, which is a small but busy city. I have been in Perth for six weeks and plan to stay here for a year.

I have already found a job, which I started yesterday! I am a receptionist in a climbing hall which is great as climbing is my hobby. In Slovakia I am trained physiotherapist and hope to do something similar here in Perth.

I am currently studying in the Upper –intermediate class and my teacher is Jay. You might not believe this but sometimes I am sad when we get to the break time as the class is so fun that the time flies. Jay is really open with us, he is open with us and shares his life with us and I appreciate the personal touch. The school is great and I will honestly feel sad when I finish as it’s been a great time.


I am living in Perth with my partner, a little far from the school but it’s not too bad. Perth as a city is an interesting mix of things. I am more of a suburban girl than anything else and some parts of Perth are really like that. The beaches are really beautiful and I’m looking forward to summer.

Kindai HS sees Western Australia

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Our Kindai HS students had an awesome day seeing parts of Western Australia today! Beginning at Caversham Wildlife park where they got to meet the local wildlife even feed the Kangaroos. Next stop were the Pinnacles and after a BBQ lunch to refuel the best and last stop of the day were the huge sand dunes in Lancelin! Specially designed sand boards were used to slide down them at fast speeds and by the looks on their faces, they had a blast!

Welcome to the family!



This week we welcome our new GE students as well as our TAP students! Please join me in saying hello to Adriana and Daniely from Brazil, Kanjo from Japan, Barbara from Poland, Hyun Taek from South Korea, Tuya from Italy and our Tap Students Maya, Yuzuki, Mayuko and Haruki from Japan! We hope you all enjoy your time in Australia, if you need anything just come and see us at reception! 🙂