BBQ in the sun

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A great way to finish the week ahead of the loooooonnnngggg weekend! I hope everyone enjoys Western Australia day. See you Tuesday 🙂

Midweek Yoga



Plenty of stretching for a Wednesday! Another enjoyable Yoga session with our wonderful instructor/teacher Corinne! Next Yoga session is the 11th of June 🙂




How could you be in a bad mood on a Monday when the Activity is WINE TASTING!!! These wonderful students enjoyed a mystery tasting guessing the year, grape variety and where in the world it came from! Our winner looks pretty happy with her prize!

Welcome to Lexis Perth

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A big welcome to our newest students this week. Sangjun from Korea and Diego and Lilian Bianca from Brazil. Sorry Diego I caught you taking a quick nap! We hope you all have a wonderful time in Australia and make many fond memories. Don’t forget if you have any questions just come and ask us at reception 🙂


21 05 YOGA.JPG

Another Yoga class success held by our lovely teacher Corinne. Thanks for doing this for us, it’s a very popular class 🙂

Looking For Work?


Our Job Workshop is proving to be a success! The word must be spreading because it is a full class today! If you are struggling to find work or beginning your journey to find work, come along to the Job Workshop held every Tuesday at 2pm. Here we can help you with your Resume, your Cover Letter even help calm those nerves with an Interview Skills workshop. 🙂


New Students

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A new week with new students! Today we welcome Yi-Ling and Shao Wei from Taiwan, Yuriko from Japan, Cleber, Gustavo and Daniel from Brazil, Jan, Lucie, Petra and David from Czech Republic and Nicolas from Switzerland. Welcome to the Lexis Family everyone! We hope you enjoy your time in Australia and make many great memories. If you have any questions just come and see us at reception. 🙂


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