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Every Monday we hold a Conversation Class where we speak ONLY ENGLISH and Rachael brings us afternoon snacks! Today’s snacks were Chocolate Croissants and mini Easter eggs! This class is a good, casual environment to practice speaking and listening and the subjects are always a lot of fun.

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New Students

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Welcome to our new students this week! I introduce to you Katarina, Cecilia, Carla, Jose and Guilherme from Brazil, Sandra and Carlos from Spain, Yuri and Saori from Japan, Sara, Andrea and Marica from Italy, Baptiste from France and Nadine from Switzerland.

We hope you all enjoy your time in Sunny Perth, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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A fun way of learning all about what happens inside the Court of Law! Our Cambridge students even got to reenact a real hearing! A great way to practice Speaking and Listening too 😉

Hi I’m Lea from Interlaken which is a tiny little village near the mountains. I have been here at Lexis for 8 weeks and am currently studying in the Proficiency class.

I really enjoy the class, the atmosphere is good and our teacher Jay is really into it. Jay’s way of teaching is really appreciated by me because he always tries to find ways to explain things to us, even if we don’t understand it the first time. He uses quite a few 

SAM_3142creative ways of explaining which is very helpful. The afternoon sessions are a little bit tough as I really want to be on the beach J One of the things I like about the course is that we have a good balance of homework. The exercises are varied; it’s not just endless grammar! Jay has set up a Proficiency blog at: which is really cool. On this blog we can find additional exercises as well as funny videos or motivating quotes (which we need!)

In general I am really enjoying myself in Perth. I did a three day tour to the south –west which was very good. The tour guide was awesome, we met heaps of people, (speaking English of course!) and the scenery was gorgeous.

Hi, my name is Benedicte from Bulle.

I’m currently in the CPE (Proficiency) class as well. I’ve been here for 18 weeks and previous to the CPE I did the CAE preparation course. The class really suits me as I find it to be very challenging and it makes me work to improve my level. Jay seems to strike the right balance between entertainment and hard work.  Jay has a really hands on approach with us and gives us individual feedback after each piece of writing that we submit. This has been really helpful for me as I have been able to recognise my mistakes and learn from them.


The location of the school is “wicked” as it’s close to the beach and shops. The school provides us with lots of different and interesting activities. I think the highlight of the school activities for me was going surfing, as this something I have never done before and I thought the experience was uplifting.

I am staying in a homestay near the school. The homestay parents are quite young (in their 20s) and that makes it fun because we can relate to each other easily.

If I had a piece of advice to give to any student who wants to really develop their language skills I would highly recommend doing a Cambridge course as they are very focused on skill development and I can personally say that I know I have improved my language skills.

New Students

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A big warm welcome to our new students today! Please join me in welcoming Guilherme, Lucas, Priscila and Guilherme from Brazil, Manon from Belgium, Bruno and Chiara from Switzerland, Shigeki, Maki and Mai from Japan and Alessandro from Italy. We hope you all enjoy your time in the beautiful sunny West Coast. If you need anything do not be afraid to come and ask 🙂


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