We had scary fun today as students in all classes dressed up in costumes as witches, a hunchback, zombies and devils.  There was a prize given for the best dressed and some runner-up prizes as well.

Not Guilty?

As part of our rigorous academic program we have a lot of fun. One of the topics that the Cambridge classes has been discussing over the last eight weeks has been the legal system, the lexis of law, and doing debate practice (very useful for the speaking component :))

Our FCE and CAE classes all headed down to the law courts to see the “law in action!’ This was great fun, we got to watch a real trial, look around the high court and the supreme court and enact out an old trial – whilst wearing all of the fun wigs and associated paraphernalia! A really interesting and fun educational day!

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New classrooms in action

I just took a quick around the school and managed to snap off these shots of the new classrooms in action! Things are looking nice around here! There is definitely a hum of hard studying in the air! 

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New Students For This Week.

This week we had a lot of new students starting from lots of different countries.

Pia, Melinda, Tanja, Angela-Maria, Sabrina, Isabella, Lukas, Luca, Yung Ling, Andrea, Heejeon, Sarah, Evelyn and Regula.

Welcome to you all we hope you have a fantastic time here at Lexis English in Perth and don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

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