Looking for a Job in Scarborough?


The Sun Moon Resort is looking for food and beverage attendants. You need previous experience, a police check and an RSA.  You get flexible shifts and a discount at interrelated businesses. Click here for more information.

The Sun Moon Resort is also looking for Room attendants.
You need previous experience in house work and to be well presented
Click here for more information.

Bar and Waitstaff needed in Mt Hawthorne (Other end of Scarborough Beach Road).
You need an RSA, to be energetic and have experience.  Click here for more information.

Head Barista wanted for the Fig Leaf on Scarborough Beach.  You need the ability to lead
by example, experience in coffee making and full weekend availability.  Click here for more information.

A multinational welcome!

This morning was stunning and we were lucky enough to be joined by 24 students from all around the world. In order to welcome them, we headed down to the beach to see the stunning ocean.  

Huge welcome to one and all. This week it was a great mix with students from Chile (Yenny) Czech Republic (Marek and Aneta) Spain (Juan Carlos) France (Sandrine, Pierre) Belgium (Roxanne) South Korea (Seokbong and Yeong Ju) Germany (Hans and Tobias) Taiwan (Xing-Wei, Yi-Hsuan, Jin Hui) Russia (Anastashia) and from Switzerland (Zoe, Malika, Martina, Matteo, Janine, Fabian and last but not least Yannick!) Have a great time guys, let us know anytime you need some help!

Kim and Sky from South Korea.

Today I had the pleasure of catching up with Kim and Sky to talk about their experiences with us here at Lexis English Perth.

This is what they had to say: “ Hi Everyone, my name is Kim from South Korea. I have been here for seven months which has gone past very quickly. I started in the pre-intermediate class when I first arrived here in Perth and am now studying in the Upper Intermediate class.

I’ve had a lot of fun since I’ve been at Lexis and the thing I think I like about the school the most is that there are so many students from so many difference cultures and countries. It’s been great to have had the chance to meet people from all over the world and has really helped me broaden my world view.

Since I’ve been here I’ve had a few different teachers, all of whom have been good. It has been good to experience different teaching styles and I think my English has really improved. When I first arrived I had quit e a lot of difficulty with expressing myself in English, but now I’m really confident with using English and feel really fluent in the language.

I’d really like to thank my teacher Don in particular. He really helped me with my language development as well as with writing my CV. Because of Don, I’ve now been lucky enough to get a job working in the local fish and chip shop which is right on the beach in Scarborough, just a few minutes from the school. This has been a really interesting job, it’s really busy and I have met lots of people through working here.

The school has been great, the atmosphere is relaxed but the teachers are professional and have really helped me. I really like the cooking activities we do in the afternoons as I really like eating different food from different countries.

I’ve got another 5 weeks to go and I think I’ll be sad but excited to leave!”

Thanks Kim, we wish you all the best!

Sky and Kim our superstar South Korean students!

“Hi Guys.. as you know I’m Sky! I’ve been here almost three months and I started my language study here in the Intermediate class but have now moved over to the FCE class. I’m really pleased to be doing the FCE class and my class is great because there are lots of people in it from different cultural backgrounds. When I think about the school, the thing that most impresses me is that all of the teachers have been very enthusiastic and extremely eager to answer my questions. They always try to help me and solve any of the problems I have and they do this in a really patient and kind way. I know that they are busy, but I always feel that they have time to talk to me and to help me.

I feel that being here at Lexis Perth has provided me with a really good chance to meet friends from all over the world. As a consequence of this I have managed to make a lot of strong friendships and that’s amazing for me. I didn’t think before I came that I would get to meet so many different cultures and people.

I think the facilities, environment and the general atmosphere of the school are great. It’s a wonderful location, so close to such a beautiful beach and ocean, supermarket and cafes. I really like living in Scarborough, and I often head down to the beach to have a nice BBQ.. all of which are provided for free! The scenery and the landscape is beautiful and I’ve found that since I’ve been here I have felt more relaxed and have had time to think about my life, which was difficult to do in South Korea as I was quite stressed there.

I have a job working in a restaurant as a waiter and this has been really useful . Through my job I’m able to really utilise the language I have learnt in class and to practise my English with native speakers.  My goal at the moment is to be able to make jokes with the customers. I feel that if I can have a laugh with native speakers then my English has to be really good.  So far I have found that it doesn’t always work but it usually does.. .how good is that!

English Speaker of the Week.

All of our students voted today to elect the English Speaker of the Week for each class.  It was an incredible spectacle with the increased number of students generating an electric atmosphere that was the perfect way to see out a very special week in our academic calendar.

English Speakers of the week, voted by the students of each class.



Tatsuya from Japan, Katie from Taiwan and Christian from Germany

Only three graduates today.  We are still sorry to see them go and hope they all have a great time in the future no matter what they do.  Watch this space for a whole bunch of new students starting at Lexis English, Perth on Monday.

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