Working hard to build our school!

We’re all very industrious around here! The build of the school is coming along really well, in fact so well that it’s hard to get our hard-working students to go home! It’s really nice to see something being created by the hands of the people who will study and work here! Laura, Andy, Manu and Miriam seem very happy! Thanks guys.

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West Coast Bike Ride.

We had a long bike ride north along the west coast of Australia today to see some of the pretty sights.  Well it turned out to be a fabulous day with perfect weather, no wind and great bikes.  The beautiful beaches and the way the sunshine bounced off the waves made everyone gasp on more than one occasion.

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In urgent need of a name!

We’ve been busy around here! Masaru, Miriam, Manuel and Laura have given us some of their very valuable time and expertise to help us with the build!  The cafe and classrooms are nearing completion… but we still need a name! Don’t forget if we choose your name for the cafe you will win a prize!

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The end of an era. The beginning of a new one.

It was a sad day today and a happy one.  Sad because Letitia, the very well loved teacher, left us for Italy.  We wish her all the best and hope we will see her again in the near future.

On a lighter note, we also wished a happy birthday to our Upper-Intermediate teacher Julian.

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Again, as every Friday, we bid farewell to more of our bright students.  This weeks graduates were Lily and Jenny from Taiwan, Hong from South Korea, Laura from Spain and Yukiko from Japan.  We wish you all the best.  Remember to keep in touch via the blog and facebook.

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We also had another English Speaker of the week vote for all the classes

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