A very big hello and welcome to Perth !


Another great day in Perth was had where we welcomed a very special bunch of people. From left to right we have Ludmilla (Brazil), Alexandra from Poland, Vera from Switzerland,  Daniel and Dalila from Brazil, Yenny from Chile, Bomi from South Korea, Manuel and Miriam from Spain and Andorra, Melissa from Canada and Janine from Switzerland! What a fantastic mix of people from all around the world. Big welcome to you all!

This week’s graduates

This week we said good-bye to some very dedicated students.

Peter (China), Amy (South Korea), Tabea (Germany), Stephanie (Switzerland), Esther (Spain), Marco (South Korea)

As always, we also had our English Speaker of the Week.  This week there were some real winners.

Amy, Chiaki, Cadu, Stephanie, Sky, Gary