This weeks new students.

Here are this week’s new students.  They chose a great day to start studying at Lexis English, Perth.  Look at that sky!

Yumi (Japan), Chou-Hsun (Taiwan), Aljosa (Spain), Stephanie (Switzerland), Marco (South Korea), Geonwoo (South Korea)

Lexis English Perth Students Working!

I caught up today with some our students to talk about their working lives in Perth. Everyone seemed to be pretty happy with their jobs and they all said that they were easy to find. Check out the students stories..

Adriana from Brazil:  

Adriana has been studying with us for 22 weeks and is working as a waitress at the Rendezvous hotel   just opposite the school.

“It’s a great job because I have lots of chances to practise my English. I’m working 20 hours a week and have been working there since I arrived in Scarborough.  My favourite evenings at the restaurant are the quiet nights when there are lots of opportunities to speak and talk to the customers. Some of the people I have met have been really interesting.

I’ve really liked living in Scarborough, most of my friends live around here and it’s pretty beautiful with nice sunsets. The school is nice, the people are friendly and relaxed and it’s a comfortable environment to live, study and work in”

Tabea from Germany:

Tabea is from Germany and has been in Perth for a year and a half. She is here studying in the IELTS class as she wants to stay in Australia forever. Her English is exceptional and we are sure that she will do very well in her test and get the band score 8 that she is looking for.

Tabea has had quite a few jobs since she has been living here ranging from a door to door sales person (where she was quickly promoted to Sales manager) to being an Au pair to working in top quality restaurants.  She has really enjoyed working here as it’s been a great introduction to Australian life and culture. Today, Tabea is going to start a new job in the IGA just up the road from the school. Well done Tabea and good luck!

Kate from the Czech Republic:

Kate recently arrived from the Czech Republic and started working within her first few days of landing here in Perth!

“I am working as a waitress in Osmond Park, in a nice Lebanese restaurant.  This is my third week of working here and I got the job as soon as I arrived.  The restaurant is really interesting as the staff are friendly, the food delicious and I get to practise my English.

I live at the student house which is cool. The location is fantastic, just a few minutes from the school, it’s really appointed with nice furniture, and I am meeting and living with people from 5 different countries!”


Kahlil from Brazil:

“I work at the Dome in Scarborough as a waiter; I have been there for three months and I am now learning to become a barista.  It’s a little tricky as I have to know the temperature of the coffee and the milk  but I’m looking forward to making beautiful pictures in the coffees I make… but the first step is to make a good coffee! Art is for later!

I like Perth; it’s really the opposite of my city in Brazil. Perth is really relaxed and peaceful, which is so different from my home which is so hectic and crazy a real 24 hour place. I like the school, I have been learning a lot of English in here and the staffs are very helpful and kind and cheerful! “



BBQ today.

Great afternoon for a BBQ.  Very hard to imagine it’s winter but that’s the beautiful weather we’ve been having. It’s a great way to see the month out.

Who wants a job?

find a job

Cleaners needed to clean homes in the area, work in pairs or solo, $22 per hour call 9487 4555

Aged Care Workers needed.  Flexible hours, Good Rates call 9450 8328

Bar/Wait Staff wanted at Azure restaurant in Mt. Hawthorne.  $21-$26/hour and Flexible hours Some experience necessary. Click here to apply for this job.

Boho is looking for a breakfast Chef/Cook.  Funky environment and lots of space to get creative. Call Donny on 0423 220 461


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