Lexis English is pleased to announce new pathway links with the following Institutions!

Take a look at our latest pathway opportunities towards further education!

Lexis English is the first school to offer pathway agreements towards a Diploma of Nursing at SBIT, which has IELTS 6.5 as the entry requirement.

For those of you who are interested in studying at Lexis Brisbane, we will be opening an English for Academic Purposes course starting on 10th September 2012.

For further information please contact info@lexisenglish.com, or visit our associate Institutions on the following links:

University of Sunshine Coast




Southbank Institute of Technology  


Sunshine Coast TAFE                                                                     


Brisbane North Institute of TAFE                                             


Skills Tech Australia                                                                      


Aviation Australia                                                                          


SAE Institute Perth                                                                        


Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management  


English 4 Life!!

Here are some of our English for life students out on a class excursion yesterday practicing prepositions of place in various stores around the area.  Students were able to ask the shop owners where things are located in the store and go looking for it according to the shop assistant’s instructions which were only given to the students the one time so in groups they often had to repeat them to each other.

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Friday was a stunning day in Perth. What better way to celebrate gorgeous weather than to head down to the beach and learn to Surf. Check out the below!




As the week comes to an end we have to say goodbye to some of our special people. To Jeremy, Sergej, Winnie, Pedy, Natsuyo, Michele and Sandra we wish you all the best. Take care of yourselves and keep in touch!

International Soccer Competition!

The tension mounted for the international soccer competition amongst the LEXIS students. This time we had South America vs EuroAsia, and it was a heated and intense battle. It was hard to really determine who really won the game at the end of the day, although it was for sure that a lot of passion was put in to it! Person of the match has to be given to Saori who was a magnificent striker. Thanks to Steph for his excellent referee skills!

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