Lexis English Speaker of the week~!

Hey everyone!

Beginning Monday the 30th of April each class will vote for the person in their class who spoke (or who tried to speak) the most English all week, in class, in school, in the kitchen, student lounge and even out of school!

On Friday morning, each student will choose the person the person who they think spoke the most English that week.

The winners will be announced at graduation. Prizes will be awarded!


Why do we have an “English only Policy” at Lexis English?

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Why English Only at Lexis English?

Everyone at Lexis English is from different linguistic (language) and cultural backgrounds but the ONE thing that unites us is our DESIRE to become proficient in English. How do you do this? How do you become proficient in English? Well, a great starting point, in addition to putting in the hard yards studying on your own, is to try to use the language at every opportunity.

We are all in the same boat on a similar journey (studying at Lexis English) to reach a common destination (proficiency in English).

The way I see it is that we are all paddling our oars in unison when we are all speaking English (or at least trying to!). But, when some people start talking in their languages, their paddling breaks the unity- they paddle out of sync with the group.

When you don’t use English in the classroom, kitchen, lounge area- and even when you are out and about, people feel alienated from you (out of sync!). They can’t understand you and they feel bad. This breaks the unity of our school.

Certainly, there are times when you need to communicate in your language- perhaps to consult someone about a tricky grammatical point or a vocabulary word. This is efficient and acceptable- it’s like you have just stopped paddling for a moment but you get back in sync right away.

So, keep paddling in sync with us by speaking English only so that we can all reach our destination of being proficient in English!


Sam Vanderford

General English (Elementary), Lexis English Perth


Brand new students… Welcome to Perth.

Marco (South Korea), Yuka (Japan), Corrine (Switzerland), Nadine (Switzerland), Nina (Switzerland)

Welcome to you all I hope you have a great time while you study here in Perth, and as always come and see me if you have any questions or need something.

Paul.- Student Services.



Lexis English | What’s on…from West Coast to East Coast!

UP-COMING May Events 2012

Feel free to speak to a Lexis English staff member to assist with bookings and information, or click on the pictures for further (website) information.

 Perth International Comedy Festival from 2nd – 20th May

Presenting the best International comedians to Perth and Australian audiences

Noosa Winter Festival from 5th – 6th May

The Festival includes a variety of events for participants including the Noosa Blue Water Swim, Noosa Paddle, Bendigo Bank Family Ride, Subaru Noosa Century Cycle, Noosa Half Marathon, Mizuno Noosa 10km Run and the Noosa News 5km run/walk

Creamfields Music Festival

5th May Supreme Court Gardens, Perth  /  6th May Gold Coast Parklands, Gold Coast

David Guetta, Above & Beyond, Dirty South & more…

 Body Art Carnivale from 12th -13th May, Eumundi (20 mins from Noosa)

The Australian Body Art Carnivale is Australia’s premier body art event, attracting artists and spectators from across Australia and overseas. Amazing artwork and music all weekend…And it’s FREE!

Noosa Food and Wine Festival 17th – 20th May

Four days of superb cuisine, fine wines and fabulous foodie events featuring more than 200 top Australian and International food and wine personalities and producers plus world class entertainment. Job opportunities available!

 Music Lovers – Florence & The Machine!

17th May Burswood Casino, Perth  /  26th May Riverstage Brisbane

Australian History buffs check out the – Captain Cook ‘1770’ Festival!

The CAPTAIN COOK 1770 FESTIVAL has been an annual event for nineteen years, commemorating the visit of the Endeavour and the landing of Lt. James Cook and his party on May 24 at the town of Seventeen Seventy, as it is now known. This was the first landing for Cook and his crew in Queensland!