Surfing the Ocean Blue…

With surfing lessons almost every week our students have been working on their professional surfing skills. Could we have the next Taj Burrow or Claire Bevilacqua among us? Quite possibly! These photos were taken by Lexis Perth student Antoine (in the running for the photo competition perhaps??) at last week’s lesson. I am sure you will want to go swimming at the beach now…

Australia Day!

This Thursday, 26th January, Lexis Perth will be closed for the Australia Day holiday. There will be a lot of things happening around the city on this day, including barbecues, picnics and fireworks. On Friday, 27th January, we will be having our own Australia Day barbecue at school for the afternoon activity. Get ready to try some kangaroo, vegemite ‘soldiers’, and ‘snags’ (sausages)!! The barbecue is from 2.30pm onwards in the atrium area. If you are heading down to the beach after make sure you put on a hat and sunscreen because it’s going to be a warm one!

Why Do You Go to GIL??

Our students have been working hard at GIL over the past few weeks. Any full time students who haven’t been along yet should surely check it out! Every day between 2 and 3pm in room 7 (for General English) and rooms 14 and 9 (for Cambridge students) all full-timers have the chance for some extra study with a teacher to provide some guidance. When asked, “why do you go to GIL?”, some of the answers were;

  • “For learning English” Marco from Italy
  • “I want to improve my conversation and grammar” Toshimi from Japan
  • “To escape from my wife” (this student has certainly mastered ‘the joke’ in English)
  • “I can ask the GIL teacher what I don’t know and am not sure of. The study environment is good” Charlie from Korea

If you haven’t been yet, make sure you check out Guided Independant Learning (GIL)!

Upcoming Weekend Activities

Sign up at reception for upcoming weekend activities at Lexis Perth!

These include;

  • Swan Valley Tour 22nd January with a visit to Caversham Wildlife Park and wineries (see previous blog) $75.
  • Rottnest Island 28th January. Includes ferry and bicycle hire for $80.
  • Margaret River Surfing weekend 3rd – 5th February. Includes accomodation, food, surf lessons, transport and visits to wineries and breweries for $299.