Italian Surfing Pro Arrives At GV Perth

After 2 years of travelling the international surfing scene Claudio has decided it’s time to focus on his language skills and not just his board paddling technique…

“I love this place, the waves are awesome and just across the road from my school, if I get the IELTS I can stay here for ever” says Claudio.

Welcome to the school and we hope we can make your dream come true!

Scavenger Hunt

What do a stick with a bend in it, a coin from 1989 and a white sandal all have in common?…

…They were all on the list of things to find for yesterday’s Scavenger Hunt~!

To celebrate the absolutely glorious weather of the last few days, our Intermediate Class decided to skip the class-room vocabulary activity yesterday afternoon in favour of some fresh-air excitement!

Every team was given a list of specific items to find, which they either had to bring back or take a photo of to prove that they had found it (because of course we do not condone stealing sandals and sand-buckets from little children…!).

Each item is worth a certain number of points, and the aim of the game is therefore to find as many items on the list as possible, and so win the highest number of points.

This week’s Super Scavengers are Team Kumi with a total of 70 points!!

However, despite this stellar effort it seems that Team Kumi still managed to have some (of course purely educational) fun – here they are practising their pantomime performance entitled “Do Not Surf Here…” 🙂

Scarborough Live Surf Cam

Thinking about learning to surf? Check out the awesome beaches just a few metres from GV Perth~!

As the weather starts to hot up, why not think about booking some surf lessons? GV Perth has an exclusive partnership with the local Surf School, giving you access to some awesome discounts~!

If you would like to find out more, why not stop by reception and we can recommend the style of lesson which most suits you – a once/twice weekly group lesson if you just want to have fun, or two-hour daily one-on-one sessions if you are really serious about becoming a pro surfer… 😉

Also, to have a peek at what the surf is like RIGHT NOW, check out the 24/7 Scarborough Beach Surf Cam.

What is IELTS and why should I study it?

A lot of students have been making enquiries about IELTS – what is it and why do I need it? For the answers to some of your questions, why not take a look at this handy summary below…

IELTS is an acronym (there’s a new word for your vocabulary list) which stands for International English Language Testing System. It is quickly becoming the new benchmark for assessing English language skills, besides Cambridge and the old TOEFL system.

There are many reasons why you may want to take an IELTS class at GV Perth, including:

  • If you are planning to study at University in Australia, you need an IELTS test score.
  • Maybe you want to live in Australia in the future…? An IELTS score is required with your visa application.
  • You may have studied General English for some time and you are now ready for something more structured and challenging. (You can be in the IELTS class even if you are not going to take the test!)
  • If you do decide to take the test, you can use the results as proof of your English ability in many places around the world. Today, the test is recognised even in the U.S.
  • You will have a great opportunity to communicate with classmates who may have a good level of English. Every morning we focus on Grammar and Vocabulary, and every afternoon we practise Speaking and Listening. (You will notice how quickly your vocabulary improves!)
  • Finally, ask the students currently studying in the IELTS class, and they will tell you how useful it can be for you.

So, if you have decided to study IELTS at GV Perth, don’t forget to enrol straight away – the next IELTS course begins August 30th!! If you need an enrolment form, you can write an email to us ( and we will send you one. 🙂

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Santa Needs You!

Ever wondered who the person behind Santa’s beard really is…?

(Click the headings to find out 😉 )

Santa Promotional Staff

Searching for Santas

If you have ever fancied yourself as ‘the man in red’, then opportunity awaits!

With a National Santa shortage, official Santa recruitment specialist, TSS Westaff, is appealing to people of all backgrounds to wear a Santa suit this Christmas.

Thousands of children visit local shopping centres and department stores to share their wish list with Santa Claus, but TSS Westaff says that more Santa’s are urgently needed now.

  • Santa is rewarded financially (($22-$30p/hr)
  • Santa is rewarded with smiles
  • Santa can choose when to work
  • Santa can work close to home
  • Santa is supplied with high quality costume and accessories

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive & register NOW to be a Santa.

IF you are interested in becoming Santa, and helping brighten Christmas for kids everywhere, please contact TSS Westaff on 1800 753 390 or email

TSS Westaff have been placing Santa’s into National retailers since 1964.

Food and Beverage Attendants – Australian LeisurE and Hospitality Group

  • Great venue
  • Award conditions
  • Possibility for future promotions within the group

The primary purpose of this role is to provide efficient and effective service to our customers.  Applicants must be able to work within a team environment.

‘Salt on the Beach’ – Claremont Area

3 positions available

Applicant must be reliable, able to work unsupervised, keen and enjoy being busy. Time wasters need not apply.

Forward resume to

Sales Assistant – Casual

Lynn’s Leather & Luggage

24 St Quentin Ave Claremont

We are a small independent, family owned retail store established for 14 years.

We are looking for a casual sales assistant for a minimum 10 to 15 hours per week, with more hours during holiday relief etc. and some Saturdays.

Position would suit person living locally.

Sales experience essential and on the job training in leather and travel goods will be provided.  An interest or experience in travelling also an advantage.

Successful applicant must be

  • enthusiastic and self motivated

  • comfortable talking to customers and delivering a high level of customer service

  • have good telephone and communication skills

  • flexible with availability

  • mature  (no students please)

Please forward your resume with a cover letter to Lynn at

Lynn Brajdic

Shiny New Stuff

It’s official ~ GV Perth is buying a brand new big-screen TV and Wii console for the common room!!

Our brand  entertainment system is eagerly awaited by the students, who can’t wait to start having Wii Sports championships and a Mario Kart Grand Prix! They will be set up in our large comfy upstairs common-room and available for students to use after class.

You’d better all sharpen your skills at the wheel, or my alter-ego Princess Peach will wipe the floor with you guys~! 😉

GV Perth Pool Champion

Congratulations to Jonnie, the new GV Perth Pool Champion~!

One of the current highlights of the GV Perth activities calendar for August is the bi-weekly Pool Championship. From seasoned players to beginners, everyone has a go and a fantastic time (and it’s also a great way to practise certain vocabulary such as colours, directions, prepositions and tenses…!).

Yesterday, our newest student Jonnie, who only started class on Monday, blew everyone away with his smooth playing style and suave command of a pool cue. Well done Jonnie, you’ve been inducted into the GV Perth Hall of Fame, and will receive an awesome $15 iTunes gift voucher as a prize~!!

Keep up your excellent skills, and you’ll surely be entering as the favourite for our next Pool Shoot-out. But better watch out, you never know what other stellar talent will be waiting just around the corner… 😉

Fun Fiesta

Friday afternoons at GV Perth are party-time~!!

Happy Monday everyone ~ welcome to the start of another exciting week 🙂 However, before you get stuck into the first lesson of the day, don’t forget to check out the awesome pics from our first graduation party last Friday!

Besides our current students, some previous students and old friends also dropped in for a surprise visit – including Fabio, our resident advisor on all things style and fashion… 😉

Say cheeeese~!!

Besides all the fun and shenanigans we also had a ‘serious’ duty ~ presenting our very first graduate Ally Wen-Chi with her Graduation Certificate as well as all the necessary paraphernalia to prove that she is truly an honorary Aussie~!

All the staff and students at GV Perth wish you all the very best of luck and success in your future endeavours, and we will be missing your clever sense of humour in class… 🙂

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